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Biddle Sawyer Silks’ history dates as far back as 1926, born as Biddle Sawyer & co. Re-branding in 2005, the newly named Biddle Sawyer Silks brought something new and refreshing to the industry. Intentionally walking away from the conventional, our rebellious and forward thinking posture saw us injecting sparkle back into the business while retaining the same character and charm we had in the good old days.

We don’t strive to be the same as everyone else. We’re different, and that’s what sets us apart from the rest. Our passion in what we do has led us to work with many high-end UK fashion designers and major players in high-street design houses.

What do we do?

In a nutshell, we offer the best of the best when it comes to fine quality silks. To ensure that our products achieve the same high standards of quality across the board, we work alongside our suppliers making sure each and every part of the process is controlled – from harvesting, spinning and weaving to dyeing, printing and finishing.

However, we’re not your run-of-the-mill wholesale fabric supplier, our offerings extend far beyond the products that we create.

We’re dedicated to the highest standards of customer service here at Biddle Sawyer Silks, and offer a completely personalised experience to each and every individual customer. Working closely with our customers allows us to gauge a better idea of what it is they want, so we can ensure the best possible results.

Biddle Sawyer Silks employees

Handing over a metre of silk and waving goodbye just isn’t the way we work. Our team all have a vast amount of experience in the industry, and are on hand to provide unrivalled technical support and response times should you need any assistance. For any customers that are not quite sure what they want, we are happy to offer our expert advice and inspire your creativity.

What you see is not all you get here at Biddle. Sure, we have an extensive range of high quality silks all available in a wide spectrum of colours and shades but we understand that that’s not always what you’re looking for. That’s why we offer a custom colour match service, an important process to ensure that your designs come to life in the exact way in which you had imagined. We invite customers to provide their own bespoke colour palettes, in which we perform a complete colour match on and apply to their chosen silk.

We don’t like to keep customers waiting, and our turnaround times are second to none. We hold large stock of all of our silks in-house for the sole purpose of being able to offer next day delivery to anywhere in the UK, on varying order quanitites. For bespoke products and prints, we’re looking at an approximate 4 week lead time.

Digital printed silks

When it comes to digital printed silks, we know what we’re doing. We are proud to be the UK’s only silk wholesale merchant that owns our very own state-of-the art digital printer, allowing us to offer customers an all-round service in silk cutting and printing.

Digital Printed silks

The printing process is controlled each step of the way by a specialist team of designers and production staff over at our sister company, Adamley Textiles’ headquarters in Macclesfield. Having created and produced luxury printed fabrics for over 50 years, we think it’s fair to say that we’ve got the printing process running like clockwork.

The wealth of knowledge across our team and their keen eye for detail produces exceptional results time after time and gives us the ability to adhere to just about any printing request.

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Silk screen printing

We like to think there’s nothing wrong with keeping things traditional here at Biddle Sawyer Silks, which is why silk screen printing always has been, and still is, one of our core services offered. It’s part of the Adamley heritage, and there is no arguing that this method of printing produces the most elegant results.

Screen Printing - Adamley Textiles

This slow and meticulous printing process requires a certain level of skill, something which our team have perfected over the years. The procedure involves designs being etched on high precision mesh or rotary drums and printed using traditional techniques.

Our artisinal production process involves producing our own colours and dyes in-house, enabling us to offer a precise colour matching service in which we can match your plain dye fabric to the print colours.

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Silk collections

At the heart of what we do lies our six core silk collections. Carefully curated, each collection offers a range of different finishes with the same colour scheme running throughout, which is individual to each collection. Aptly named and not just numbered, each collection is a part of Biddle Sawyer Silks and they tell a story which encapsulates our vision for each range.

Plain dye co-ordinated collections
Available in over 60 different colours, our plain dye co-ordinated collections offer eight beautiful silk qualities: Organze, Satin Faced Georgette, Double Crepe Morocain, Habotai, Crepe de Chine, Crepe Backed Satin, Georgette and Chiffon.

Minni’s friends
A concept based on the world’s most famous mouse. Minni’s friends are a range of four silk fabrics: Crepe de Chine, Double Crepe Morocain, Smooth Chiffon and Crepe Backed Satin all delicately sandwashed and available in a selection of striking bold colours.

Murano Cascades
Here we took inspiration from the artisans of Italy to create lightweight Crepe De Chine and Satin Faced Georgette silks in a mixture of smokey hues and soft tonal shades.

Shanghai Surprise
Singapore Sling or Mai Tai? Which cocktail will you choose? A stunning colour palette named after our favourite tipples; Velvet, Double Georgette and Imperial Satin silks form the Shanghai Surprise collection.

Silk Monkey
‘You can dress a monkey in silk but it will still be a monkey.’ – The old Chinese proverb which inspired this capsule collection of vibrant colours in Double Crepe Morocain and Super Weight Crepe de Chine.

Inspired by our favourite Divas, from Beyoncé to Whitney, this striking collection of Hammer Satin silks offers a rainbow of stunning colours with a unique texture.

Don’t forget, we can colour match any of your bespoke palettes to any preferred silk of your choice. 

Want to see more of our collections? We can send you our binder full of sample swatches – just ask!

Biddle Sawyer Silks Swatch Samples

Working with us

We are based in the heart of Castlefield, Manchester. Our services, however, reach out nationwide and we are one of the leading silk wholesalers in London. No matter where you are, if you are interested in working with us, we would love the opportunity to showcase our products and discuss future prospects.

Want to know how our order process works? Check out our how to order page.

We work with a range of different clientele, and can cater to varying order quantities. So, whether you’re a large scale high-street fashion purchaser or a fashion design student bringing your creations to life, Biddle Sawyer Silks can offer you the finest quality silks at the lowest prices in the UK.

If you’re interested in working with Biddle Sawyer Silks on your next project, or want to find out more about the services we offer, please get in touch with us – we’d love to hear from you!

Don’t forget to check us out on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter to keep up to date with the latest Biddle Sawyer Silks news.

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