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When it comes to choosing your wedding dress, the type of fabric it’s made of plays a huge role.

It’s undoubtedly the most exciting and highly anticipated step in the wedding planning process for any bride, but with so many options and details to consider it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Not everyone shares the same ideals when it comes to bridal gowns but whether you’re looking for a timeless, minimal style or an embellished, show-stopping number, it all boils down to the type of fabric you choose. After all, your wedding dress may just be the most important gown you purchase throughout your entire life, so it’s important to make sure it’s right for you.

However, one thing that is common amongst a majority of brides is choosing a silk wedding dress. Silk is the gold standard of wedding dress fabris, and achieves a look that is more than worth its price tag.

Now, there are many different types of silk to choose from. If you’ve already done some research, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with choices in front of you. Organza? Chiffon? Satin? Simply knowing these names isn’t very helpful for the first time bride, so we’re here to explain things in a little more detail.

It’s important to note that the different types of silk work in tandem together, and more often than not you’ll see a wedding dress that comprises of two or more fabrics. For example, a dress crafted from silk satin may have a chiffon overskirt.

Whilst it all depends on the look and style you want to go for, you’ll also need to keep in mind when your wedding is. Seasonal wedding dresses are certainly a thing, and what works well in a hot sunny climate may not be the most optimal for a cold winter’s day.

Now that you know a little more about wedding dress fabrics, let’s take a look at some of the best bridal silks, and who/what they’re most suitable for.

Silk Chiffon

Sheer and elegant, silk chiffon is an incredibly lightweight fabric that exudes beauty and romance. Even the heaviest silk chiffon is sheer in appearance, and it’s this exact quality that makes it a popular choice for bridal dresses.

Often used for layering or as an overlay, chiffon holds a perfect drape and pairs beautifully with other fabrics to achieve that stunning voluminous ball gown style wedding dress which we all know and love. Its transparent style offers great versatility and can be used for adding an accent detail to the gown too, such as a transparent sleeve or overskirt.

The addition of silk chiffon to a wedding dress creates soft lines and gives it that “floaty” style which is incredibly flattering on all body types.

Got a spring or summer wedding planned? With its light and airy structure, chiffon is your go-to choice for a cool and breathable gown that’s comfortable to take you from the ceremony right into the evening celebrations.

chiffon wedding dress

Silk Satin

Silk satin is one of the most traditional bridal dress fabrics, often chosen for a bride’s big day due to its luminous sheen. Not to be confused with polyester or nylon versions, ‘satin’ is a type of weave which, when made with pure silk, creates the most lustrous shine. It’s this signature lustre which adds a rich and luxurious feel to even the simplest, most minimal gowns.

Satin is incredibly versatile and can be tailored to almost any look.

Ideal for tightly fitting slip dresses and flowing skirts with clean lines, the fabric creates the most flawless drape and sculpts the body in all the right places. It has an incredible ability to hold shape and structure, making it the perfect choice for brides looking for a supportive, fitted design or even a more relaxed ruched style dress.

Silk satin is an all year-round favourite amongst brides. Thicker, heavier weights of silk satin are perfect for weddings in the cooler months, whereas a lighter and stretchier quality is your first choice for a hot summer wedding.

satin wedding dress

Silk Georgette

Similar to chiffon, silk georgette is a sheer, floaty fabric with a crepe texture and a matte finish. Georgette is slightly heavier than chiffon and more opaque, but is generally still used for similar applications i.e. overlays, skirts and embellishments.

It’s the perfect fabric for creating a soft silhouette and accentuating the top layer of the gown with a full-skirted style to achieve a romantic, graceful look.

Similar to chiffon, the light and airy qualities of georgette are typically chosen for wear in the warmer seasons but of course, there really are no rules.

georgette wedding dress

Silk Organza

A lightweight fabric with a crisp drape and a lustrous finish, silk organza is another favourite when it comes to adding volume and fullness to a wedding dress without adding weight.

Whilst organza offers a similar effect to the likes of chiffon and georgette, it’s often chosen for its ability to hold a more structured silhouette. It’s slightly stiffer in comparison, yet not quite as rigid as other textures such as tulle, and instead offers the perfect middle ground.

A few layers of silk organza can be used to create slim, effortless skirts that move with you, whilst layering up can achieve a fuller bodied and more dramatic ensemble. For brides who are keen on details, organza can be beautifully embroidered or decorated with beading and appliqués to add that little extra touch.

Breezy and lightweight, organza is a great chocie for summer brides!

Silk Crepe

Sleek and crisp, silk crepe is the go-to choice for brides looking to sculpt their silhouette and accentuate their curves. Crepe holds a pristine drape, and is commonly used for fit-and-flare styles with a minimal design.

It’s the type of fabric which looks simply stunning on its own, without the need for added detailing. It works best to create clean lines in a sharp, tailored look with long skirt which falls at just the right places.

Silk crepe is a great choice for both summer and winter weddings, and is a go-to for brides who want to keep their look simple and stylish.

silk wedding dress

Silk Velvet

Silk velvet is a heavy weight fabric that’s soft to the touch with a breathtaking lustre. With a touch of shimmer, silk velvet reflects the light beautifully and can truly create the most unique, stand-out wedding dress.

It offers an incredible alternative to classic wedding dress fabrics for brides who want to create a vintage or regal look. Silk velvet holds the most beutiful drape and its thickness makes it the perfect choice for winter weddings.

Biddle Sawyer Silks are one of the UK’s leading wholesale silk suppliers and silk printing specialists. We work with high-end fashion design houses in London and Manchester and supply a huge range of the finest quality bridal wedding dress silks.

If you’re looking for some help with designing your wedding dress or your latest collection, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team of designers.

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