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Everything you need to know about silk georgette fabric.

In the latest of our ‘types of silk explained’ series, we’ll be looking into the incredible fabric that is silk georgette.

In case you missed it, we have recently covered all you need to know about silk organza and silk velvet.

So, what exactly is silk georgette? How is it used? And how is it different to silk chiffon? Read on to find out…

What is silk georgette fabric?

Silk georgette is a lightweight, breathable, crepe style fabric with a semi-sheer appearance and a dull, matte finish.

Georgette is textured and slightly coarse to the touch, woven using tightly twisted yarns in opposite directions which creates a slightly crinkled, crepe-like effect.

close up of georgette silk

What is silk georgette used for?

Silk georgette is widely used throughout the fashion and home decor industries, and has been loved by designers and tailors for many years.

The fabric is strong, versatile and adaptable to almost any application – giving you an almost infinite number of uses.

Some garments and home decor items that silk georgette is commonly used for:


A popular choice for evening gowns and formal dresses, silk georgette is a great way to achieve the soft-flowing look of chiffon, without the overly sheerness. This makes it a great alternative for designing a more conservative look.

Silk georgette offers a beautiful drape which clings beautifully to the body, creating a figure-sculpting silhouette for every shape and size. It’s a versatile fabric which can be used for many different cuts of dresses – from full shirts to pleated and a-line, the options are endless.

An increasingly popular choice in bridal wear, silk georgette wedding dresses and veils are a common favourite amongst brides-to-be. Since the material is not heavy or bulky, it offers a great way to layer and add volume whilst preventing adding too much weight or warmth.


Traditionally a cool and comfortable material which holds a lovely structure, silk georgette is more commonly used to design blouses, as opposed to thinner fabrics such as chiffon.

The tensile strength of silk georgette means that it also holds embroidery and applique incredibly well – so it’s typically the first choice for designers’ decorative blouses.


Many Indian sarees are often made from silk georgette fabric. The characteristics of the fabric means that it layers perfectly, and offers a beautiful drape when wrapped.

As previously mentioned, the fabric also lends itself well to embellishments and embroidery if required.

Home decor

Silk georgette is an elegant and sophisticated way to decorate the home. The fabric can often be found in table decorations, window dressings and pillow/cushion covers.

silk georgette wedding dress

Silk georgette vs silk chiffon

To the untrained eye, silk georgette and silk chiffon are very similar fabrics. Commonly mistaken for one another, the two fabrics are comparable in their characteristics, look and feel.

Both fabrics are lightweight, relatively sheer and hold a beautiful drape. They are fabrics most often reached for during the summer months, due to their properties allowing the body to remain cool in hot temperatures.

So, what exactly is the difference between georgette and chiffon? The contrasting factors lie within their appearance and weight.

Silk georgette is a slightly heavier fabric, with a thicker ply which makes it less sheer than chiffon. Due to being a more weighty fabric, the drape and flow created by georgette is slightly less than with chiffon, but this gives garments made with georgette more body and volume.

Overall, chiffon is thinner and more sheer than georgette, which lends itself better to soft-flowing dresses. Georgette, on the other hand, gives more structure to garments such as shirts and blouses.

How do you care for silk georgette?

Typically, silk georgette is easier to care for than chiffon. It’s stronger and more durable, meaning it’s less prone to pulls, tears and snagging. However, it’s still important to give your georgette garments some TLC in order to keep them in tip top condition.

As a general rule, silk georgette fabric should not be machine washed. Stick to utilising dry cleaners services or hand washing where possible.

How to hand wash silk georgette fabric:

  1. Fill a bowl or sink with cold water, and mix with a small amount of mild laundry detergent.
  2. Carefully submerge the garment in the water and leave it to soak for up to 30 minutes.
  3. Gently squeeze the fabric whilst removing from the mixture to remove excess water – though, be careful not to wring or stretch the fabric.
  4. Rinse under cold water and lay flat to dry completely.

close up of satin faced georgette silk

Can you iron silk georgette?

Yes, you can iron georgette fabric. Should you need to iron your garment, be sure to place something in between the iron and the fabric – i.e. a cloth or towel to avoid direct heat on the fabric.

However, for best results, we would always recommend steaming any silk fabrics if possible to prevent the structure or textures of the garment being affected.

Where can I buy silk georgette fabric?

Biddle Sawyer Silks are the UK’s leading silk wholesaler, providing nationwide delivery of the finest quality silks.

We sell silk georgette fabric by the yard, available in a range of qualities – including satin faced georgette and double georgette.

Find out how to order, or get in touch with us to make an enquiry.

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