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We are proud to announce that our sister company, Adamley Textiles are producing stunning face masks, crafted with their famous screen printed silk twill.

screen printed silk face masks

As we all adjust to the new normal, face masks are quickly becoming an essential addition to our wardrobes.

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the use of face masks has generally been up to individual choice under most circumstances, except whilst using public transport or attending a hospital. However, as of 24th July, it is mandatory that everyone in the UK wears a face mask while out and about in public, especially while in shops.

This means that although the current restrictions are continuing to ease, the demand for face masks is going nowhere. It’s important that we recognise that medical grade surgical masks are still in short supply, and must be reserved for high risk health workers, so the general public should find a suitable alternative.

The good news is, we don’t need surgical face masks to comply with government guidelines, and instead it is widely recommended that we stick to non-PPE face coverings for day-to-day use.

This makes the silk face masks created by Adamley the perfect option for those looking for a long-lasting, stylish and comfortable face covering.

Adamley’s silk face masks

silk face masks at adamley textiles

Throughout the ongoing pandemic, Adamley Textiles are supporting the NHS and Ospedale Domenico Cotugno in Naples in the fight against COVID-19.

“If we have assisted in saving just one life, we will know we have made a dfference to this awful situation.”

Biddle Sawyer Silks operates alongside Adamley Textiles, who have been producing printed fabric for over 50 years at their factory in Macclesfield. A UK leader in the men’s and women’s luxury fabric and accessories industry, Adamley specialises in the highest quality screen printing and digital printing on silk fabric methods.

In this time of crisis, it only felt right to do what we could to help. We have the resources, the skills and the team to help out not only the public, but the NHS by ensuring that everyone has access to face masks.

We recognised that while mandatory, the thought of wearing a face covering everyday isn’t particularly appealing to everyone. However, with it being something that we’ve all got to do – we might as well do it in style.


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Repost from @walpoleceo – Getting ready to venture back into the outside world! Here I am in my home office, trying out my new look for Public Transport, sporting some of the silk face masks I bought from @adamleytextiles (having seen @greyfoxblog looking as debonair as one can in a mask). Adamley is the last silk mill in Macclesfield and they make pocket squares for Turnbull & Asser, all sorts of things for Liberty, and also supply Victoria Beckham and many other British luxury (& European luxury) brands. They can be hand washed, so they’re not PPE in the way a disposable surgical mask is, but they’re a wonderfully stylish for the bus, and will definitely contain any inadvertent sneeze (I’m not given to sneezing, and wouldn’t leave the house if I felt off, but the pollen is mental). And it seemed such a nice way to add a ritzier tone to something that is otherwise a bit dispiriting. To order, email #britishluxury #covid19 #silkfacemask #adamley

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Not everything stylish is always comfortable – but our face masks are. Crafted with high quality hand printed 100% silk, they are soft and gentle on the skin to ensure comfortable, non-irritable wear during long periods of time. Most importantly, they are completely breathable.

With a vast array of colours and patterns available to suit all tastes, we hope that we can encourage people to not fear the mask, but to embrace it. We’ve got to do this for our own safety, the safety of others and the protection of the NHS – now is a great time to make it fashionable and get a mask that complements, or even accentuates your outfit!

Face masks for children

In an attempt to shed some colour and light onto these times, there are also some digitally printed face masks available in a selection of fun, vibrant prints including colourful rainbows. These designs are available in both adult and child sizes.

Please note: Government guidance outlines that face coverings should not be used by children under the age of 3.

Things you should know:

  • £5.00 per mask
  • These face masks are non surgical and non PPE, but have been sprayed with antibacterial mist
  • Designs chosen will be random, but you are welcome to disclose any particular colour taste at the time of order
  • Face masks are reusable and can be washed

For more information or to order your silk face mask, please contact Jhancock@ or call 01260 252483.

Advice on wearing face masks

The current advice around wearing a face mask can seem a little confusing. It’s important to note that our face masks, along with other non-surgical face coverings available on the market or homemade, are not the same as surgical masks used in the healthcare sector.

The widely available type of face coverings that we are now expected to wear, do not protect you against coronavirus. However, should you have symptoms that you are not yet aware of, wearing a face covering will reduce the chances of transmission to others around you. Face masks should still be worn in conjuction with social distancing and regular hand washing.

To ensure adequate protection, face coverings should fit properly covering the mouth and nose, and only handled with clean, washed hands.

For more information, please refer to official Government coronavirus guidelines.

We hope you’re all well and staying safe, Biddle Sawyer Silks.

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