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Biddle Sawyer Silks are a GOTS certified organic silk supplier

We are immensely proud to officially be a part of the Global Organic Textile Standard, as the only organic silk supplier in the UK.

What does GOTS certified mean?

The Global Organic Textiles Standard is the worldwide leading processing standard for organic fibres, universally accepted in all major markets. For any textile which is awarded GOTS certification, it is a recognition that the product is sourced, processed and manufactured sustainably from start to finish.

In short, it means that the product is actually organic, unlike how many textile companies will label their products organic when it may not be 100% true. Without GOTS certification, this may mean that the product only contains a small amount of organic fibres, or that only part of the manufacturing process was carried out sustainably.

So, if you’re on the look out for 100% authentic, organic materials – look out for the GOTS certification for guaranteed recognition of its organic status.

The GOTS certification process

The GOTS criteria covers everything involved in the processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, trading and distribution of organic textiles. 

The verification process is carried out by independent certification bodies who closely monitor and analyse every step of the production process to ensure the guidelines are adhered to.

This includes, but is not limited to, evidence that the organic fibres have been farmed without genetically modified seeds, and without the use of any chemicals, pesticides or AZO dyes. Any packaging material must not contain PVC, and all stages throughout processing must be clearly separated from that of non-organic products.

Importantly, the GOTS criteria looks further than sustainable production, every part of the process must also adhere to strict social criteria.

All processors and manufacturers must meet the guidelines of the International Labour Organisation which outline entirely ethical business practices. This includes safe and hygienic working conditions, no inhumane treatment of workers, no child labour and ensuring that minimum wage requirements are met.

Our GOTS certification

Here at Biddle Sawyer Silks, we are dedicated to upholding our environmental and social responsibilities throughout our manufacturing and production process. As such, we are officially recognised by GOTS to be working in compliance with all criteria of their standards.

Our silk woven fabrics are officially GOTS accredited, and we’re incredibly proud to be a part of this sustainable value creation chain.

All of our GOTS certified silks are manufactured under strictly monitored environmental and social criteria. We are completely open and transparent in our processes which are actioned fairly, sustainably and organically. 

By simply ensuring that we have complete control over every aspect of our manufacturing and production, we have successfully proven that our methods are kind to the environment and don’t produce any unnecessary waste.


What it means for our customers

If you choose to purchase silk from us, you can be safe in the knowledge that our products have been produced with a high level of care and responsibility. 

Rest assured that our GOTS certified silk woven fabrics:

  • Contain at least 95% certified organic fibres
  • Are free from potentially harmful chemicals
  • Have been produced in safe, socially compliant and fair working conditions
  • Are better for the environment
We’re delighted that we can continue to provide this highly credible level of product assurance to all of our customers here at Biddle Sawyer Silks, the UK’s only organic silk supplier.
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