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What is silk georgette fabric? Types of silk explained
Everything you need to know about silk georgette fabric. In the latest of our ‘types of silk explained’ series,...
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What is silk velvet fabric? The types of silk explained
Everything you need to know about silk velvet fabric. The exciting world of silk fabrics is made up of many different...
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Silk Organza Fabric: What is it? Types of silk explained
Everything you need to know about silk organza. How well do you know your silks? To the untrained eye, silk is often...
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Bridal silk guide: Choosing the right wedding dress fabric
When it comes to choosing your wedding dress, the type of fabric it's made of plays a huge role. It's undoubtedly the...
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London Fashion Week AW21 Highlights
London Fashion Week is a twice yearly highlight in the fashion calendar. It's the time of year where thousands flock...
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Why silk face masks are better for your skin
2020: The year of the face mask We never saw it coming, but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, wearing a face...
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New silk colours ready to order: Double Crepe Morocain & Crepe Backed Satin
We're delighted to announce the addition of 18 new colours to two of our most popular silk collections. Here at Biddle...
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How to tell if your silk is real or fake
Real silk v fake silk: what's the difference? Since its very first discovery back in 3000 BC, silk has been the most...
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Biddle Sawyer Silks are GOTS certified
We're excited to announce that we are officially GOTS certified. Biddle Sawyer Silks are the only organic silk...
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How to wash and care for silk: The complete guide
How you wash, dry and care for your silk will ensure its longevity and maintain its shiny, soft qualities for many...
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